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When you can help people who need it - just do a kind of thing

Helping each other can make world better

Every donation is important! Large goals are achieved in small steps

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Do you want peace and victory for Ukraine?

Helping each other can make world better

Who we are? 

We are activists, volunteers, and people who care about Ukraine. 

Our Fund  – it is a newer but fundamentally positive initiative. We must understand that it is one of the most important topics for the whole world, not only for Ukrainians.

Oksana Kirichenko and a group of like-minded people had the idea of creating a special fund for this. Victory, future, perspectives, smiling Ukrainian people  — all our efforts are directed toward achieving this goal.

What do we want?

 While the new age of our initiative has only just begun and the long-term consequences are as yet entirely unclear, we can already say some things. Firstly — many people are still out there. Men are badly injured, old people are homeless, and children and their mothers — are unfortunate because of war many Ukrainians need care. This is not just numbers in our smartphones —  Ukraine screaming for help.

Secondly – we can really help with this. And we decided to choose our principle. The point of this principle is to help as many vulnerable people as possible.

What are we doing?

Our organization aims to improve lives by offering essential resources such as food, clothing, supplies, shelter

We want to help people from Ukraine and we will help

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Every donation is important! Large goals are achieved in small steps

Our organisation is open for initiatives

If you have ideas of help — just write to us